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V KOLIKOR ŽELITE SODELOVATI PRI PROJEKTU, ki ga izvaja World Justice Project,  "Rule of Law Index"   vljudno vabljeni k izpolnitvi on-line ankete 

Več o  WJP in projektu:

"Founded in 2006, The World Justice Project is an independent, non-profit organization that develops communities of opportunity and equity by advancing the rule of law worldwide. The WJP Rule of Law Index is an assessment tool that offers a comprehensive picture of adherence to the rule of law. It uses polls of experts and the general populations of countries to assess issues of government accountability, fundamental rights, openness of government, and access to justice. Since its release, the WJP Rule of Law Index 2012-2013 has been referenced in over 300 articles in 76 countries, including in the Wall Street Journal, The Times of India, Mexico's Reforma, and Russia’s Vedomosti. The Index has stimulated discussions and actions on the rule of law in countries around the world, and has been cited by governmental leaders, including heads of state and chief justices, as supporting evidence of the need to advance rule of law reforms in their countries. We believe that the Index will continue to be a leading resource in strengthening the rule of law worldwide.       


Currently, we are searching for legal professionals to participate in our qualified respondents’ questionnaire (QRQ). The QRQ consists of open and close-ended questions completed by in-country practitioners and academics around the world with expertise in one of the following four disciplines: Civil and Commercial Law; Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, and Criminal Law; Labor Law; and Public Health.


In addition to distributing this information to members the World Justice Project would appreciate references for experts in any of the aforementioned disciplines.





Alejandro Ponce

Chief Research Officer

The World Justice Project"